Choosing the Right Eyelash Extensions Supplies

When looking for the perfect set of eyelash extensions, all of the options can make your head spin. But never fear! Today we have an expert, Anna Show, about some of the types of lash extension supplies and help you decide which one’s best for you.

Mink Eyelashes

The softest and most expensive, Mink eyelashes are 100% natural eyelashes that come from minks. Lightweight and impossibly fabulous, these lashes are perfect if you want eyelashes that look as normal as possible; however, you’ll have to be extremely careful you’re getting them from an ethical source. Fur farms are prevalent and are not kind to Minks. There are, however, synthetic options that are less expensive, cruelty free, and require less maintenance than the real deal.

Silk Eyelashes

While thicker than Mink, silk eyelashes are just realistic enough to fool people, but dark and dramatic enough to make you look glamorous. They’re thick at the bottom and thin at the top to look natural and beautiful. And the best part? They’re low maintenance and cheaper than Mink. That’s the best of both worlds, right?

Synthetic Eyelashes

Made completely artificially, synthetic lashes are the cheapest, and easiest to maintain. They don’t look 100% natural, but are definitely eye-catching. They’re great for going out and turning heads. They are thicker than the other lashes and consequently won’t be good for you if you have thin, weak lashes. The fake look also might not be appealing to you, but if you want to try using fake lashes and don’t want to put down a lot of money, synthetics are your best bet.

With all the different types of eyelashes, there’s definitely one out there for you. Whether you’re thinking about getting your first pair or you’ve been wearing them for years, eyelash extensions are a great way to make yourself look fabulous.