Why You Can’t Concentrate in Class and What You Can Do About It

Why We Suffer From Low Concentration Levels In College

College students are often faced with the lack of focus on their coursework as they have to balance their academics with extracurricular activities. For example, they have to dedicate time to studying for exams, writing papers and projects, doing homework that sometimes has to be done at odd hours like in the middle of the night. This can lead them to feeling restless and frustrated which can make it difficult for them to stay on task.

We have launched our first project, The Attention App, which will be coming out for both iOS and Android. It is an app that allows students to allocate a certain number of points which they can spend on responsibilities like studying, sleeping or working out. The points can be spent over time to allot more time for the responsibilities they would like to focus on which will help them keep their focus.

The Negative Effects Of Losing Focus On Our Academic Performance

There are various methods to increase focus such as meditation, exercise, diet and more. However, drinking coffee might be the most popular and accessible option. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, which may cause a person’s heart rate to increase, their blood pressure to rise and their breathing to become rapid.

The Surprising Cause of Poor Concentration Levels in College Students

Struggling with lack of focus and procrastination? These tips will help you focus on the task at hand and get it done. before your deadline.

The holidays are a time of giving, from gifts to caring for others. It is also very common to partake in holiday traditions like partying and family gatherings. These events can lead to an increase in alcohol consumption and drug use, which can leave many feeling stressed out. To combat these feelings, practice mindfulness exercises, or consider taking supplements such as kratom capsules or powder.

These exercises focus on being present and maintaining a healthy mindset during challenging times. One exercise is to focus on five things you are grateful for before taking a break to reflect on your experiences with the holiday season thus far.

Other exercises include deep breathing, journaling and having conversations with yourself or others that remind you of positive memories from the past.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize To Improve Your Attention Span & Stay Focused in College

The average attention span is 8 seconds, that is only enough time to read one sentence. This means the way you read and process information has a direct impact on how you can retain it. In order to improve your concentration and attention span, try these five tips: Keep your work area clear. If there are papers and notebooks strewn about, you will be more distracted than if the area is tidy. Don’t multi-task! Trying to do too many things at once will result in a lower concentration level and more distractions.

Set aside time for breaks by taking five minute breaks every hour. This will help keep you focused and give you a chance to recoup without feeling overwhelmed.

If you are struggling with focusing, try reading in a different environment. If your office is full of distractions like colleagues, the computer or phone – try taking your work to the park where there are less people and more greenery.

Remember the difference between focus and concentration! There is a difference between being focused on work and concentrating on it. Focus is having your attention directed to one thing at a time, concentration is trying your best to focus but occasionally letting something else distract you.

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