Oregon Scholarships

Brent Heffenweiser Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Application Deadline: 4/15

Sum: $400

Qualification: Any graduating understudy or undergrad who is an occupant in Linn, Marion, or Polk districts or had their senior pictures taken at Stro’s Photography with a base GPA of 2.5. Candidate must demonstrate an enthusiasm for the car side interest or join up with car classes in an organization or advanced education (incorporates junior colleges and exchange schools).

Disease for College Scholarship

Application Deadline: 1/31

Sum: $5,000

This grant will be out of appreciation for Henry Joseph Streuli, who appallingly passed far from Burkitt’s Lymphoma on July 3 2015 at the youthful age of 14. The honoree grant will be granted to an understudy who will utilize their instruction to propel a world that is loaded up with Henry’s adoration forever. Henry cherished everybody, from children to seniors.

College Pacific Northwest Scholarship

Application Deadline: 1/31

Sum: $5,000

Junior college candidates are qualified for the base grant level. Every residual candidate will be qualified for other one-time grants. Grants are ordinarily $5,000. Grant beneficiaries must keep up full-time enlistment at his/her expressed college. Grant beneficiaries encountering wellbeing related issues that power them to leave school may demand a one-time augmentation.

Observe High School Art Competition

Application Deadline: 4/30

Sum: $1,200

The Western Governors’ Association is pleased to declare “Commend the West”, a provincial craftsmanship rivalry that provokes secondary school understudies to make works motivated by their state. The challenge is open solely to secondary school understudies. Self-taught understudies in that age bunch additionally may enter. Understudies must be in a school in Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona, California, Colorado, Guam, […] More

Roofing Contractors Scholarship Fund

Application Deadline: 3/31

Sum: $5,000

Roofing Contractors Scholarship Fund was made by the Tualatin Oregon roofing company, CRS, to create and engage new ages to accomplish their instructive undertakings. Candidates must show money related need, or originate from a low-salary family unit; be 16-25 years old, and dwell at a Hearthstone Housing Foundation property or in a region where a Hearthstone property is found. A base 3.0 GPA is required for high […] More

Mike Griffin Memorial Scholarship

Application Deadline: 2/1/2020

Sum: $1,000

Set up in memory of Mike Hopper. Mike exemplified the best of FFA, from filling in as a section official and achieving his American Farmer degree, to conveying the qualities and initiative abilities he learned as an understudy into his grown-up life. Must be a secondary school senior or understudy seeking after a two-year or four-year degree in any major identified with farming.

Northwest Medical Foundation Scholarship Program

Application Deadline: 5/30

Sum: Varies

Putting resources into the fate of osteopathic drug in the Pacific Northwest starts by supporting the present osteopathic therapeutic understudies. The Foundation’s Scholarship Program settles a portion of the expense of osteopathic therapeutic school. Grants are granted basically to understudies from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington who are focused on rehearsing osteopathic prescription in the Pacific.